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  An optimum solution for mobile conductivity measurement

The SIGMATEST 2.070 is a portable eddy current instrument that measures the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals based on the complex impedance of the measuring probe.

It determines physical and technical material properties. Typical applications include controlling the quality of manufactured products, testing material combinations, and sorting metals, alloys, and scrap metals. The unit is also used for the maintenance of aircrafts, determining heat damage, and in-process controls during production and processing in the metallurgy sector. It features five different excitation frequencies and an extremely high measuring accuracy. The unit retains this high level of accuracy even at a high frequency of 960 kHz, making it possible to measure very thin workpieces with great precision. The measuring instrument is able to automatically standardize the measured value of the electrical conductivity to 20°C due to an integrated temperature compensation. The measurement quality meets Boeings (BAC 5651) and Airbus standards.

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Your advantages:

  • Easy operation in either touch or continuous mode
  • Wide frequency range to measure several material thicknesses
  • 50 measurements per second
  • Internal and external temperature compensation
  • Automatic distance compensation up to 0.75 mm
  • Correction factors for measuring on curved surfaces
  • Shielded probes to avoid edge effects
  • Remote control by an external PC is possible


The probes are operated with the SIGMATEST 2.070 and form a complete system with the measuring unit. In terms of design, the probe elements can be installed in a wide variety of geometries. There are standard probes, angled probes, probes with a flexible arm or probes adapted to your individual requirements.

The probes are available in diameters of 8 mm or 14 mm. The 14 mm probe is easier to handle and provides a slightly more stable reading due to its larger surface area. The 8 mm probe is used for very narrow or small surfaces, for example on small coins.


Take a look for yourself!

This tutorial video gives an overview of application examples with the SIGMATEST 2.070.

electrical conductivity

Applications examples

Detection of heat damage 

During the normal usage of aircrafts, the material is subject to huge thermal variation stress. Additional lightning bolts can also stress the material. Therefore, the stressed positions should be detected and repaired during the service intervals. The material structure stress correlates with the electrical conductivity of aluminum. Good and bad measuring ranges are defined and the SIGMATEST can be used to measure the critical areas.


Material verification and aging condition

If the wrong material was used or the aluminum aging process has been forgotten, it should be detected and replaced by the right one. The material structure stress correlates with the electrical conductivity of aluminum. Good and bad measuring ranges are defined and the SIGMATEST is used to measure critical areas. Sometimes the measuring position is difficult to access. SIGMATEST special-shaped probes are used for hard-to-reach positions.

Härteprüfung mit Wirbelstrom mittels Regressionsanalyse

Segregation of scrap metal

Scrap metal is a huge business and different metals do have very different values. With the electrical conductivity, the valuable material can be sorted from the less valuable material. Compared to x-ray the SIGMATEST can measure through painting and thin coating.


Quality control of coins

SIGMATEST's great measuring performance helps you measure the electrical conductivity very exact to save the production quality of coins.

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