With our automatic parameter optimization for the STATOGRAPH® CM + / CM you really save time when setting the signals. The high and low pass filter, and the frequency are optimized using an algorithm.


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  • Accelerate response times
  • Automate signal acquisition
  • Optimize process costs
  • Minimize pseudo rejections

It has never been easier to optimize the signal!


No clean signal without adjustment

The signal setting is crucial for accurate error detection.   


Mark the error

The system can calculate the optimal settings faster by preselecting the error range.


Optimize the signal

The algorithm can quickly determine the optimal parameters by preselecting the desired frequencies.

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Algorithms adapt the parameters


A special level of operator knowledge is required to take full advantage of automated crack testing, the features include improved filters and distance compensation for the STATOGRAPH® CM and its big brother, the STATOGRAPH® CM +.

Before the optimization

Inspection without proper settings of the frequency and the high-pass and low-pass filter.

Nach Parameteroptimierung
Vor Parameteroptimierung
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After the optimization

Testing carried out with the ideal parameters. Electrical noise and run out can be minimized.

The challenge of complexity through a large variety of tests

The large number of test devices and their permanent development offers the advantage of constant improvement of the test processes. On the other hand, the test managers have to operate a variety of test and measurement systems. This places high demands on the know-how of the operating personnel in the testing process. In the case of crack testing, optimal testing requires specialist knowledge of eddy current testing. Even for experienced users, it is challenging to find the perfect test settings.

Inadequate user knowledge results in a loss of test quality performance. This leads to unnecessary pseudo rejects or, much more dangerous, unidentified errors. In the face of these complex challenges, obtaining the best possible test quality has so far only been possible through the appointment of an external expert or through extensive training.

The use of external experts is not only expensive. In day-to-day work, this option is often impractical and cumbersome, especially for flexible production processes that require the test parameters to be changed frequently. The expert should also be available as needed. Training, on the other hand, is only effective with considerable expenditure of time and money. Furthermore, it does not protect against a migration of knowledge when changing employees. This often leaves only the alternative of accepting the higher pseudo rejections so that critical deficiencies are not overlooked due to lax test settings.

This is exactly where the Device Assistant comes in. Using a master test part, it can determine independently the optimal settings and save them.


What else can the STATOGRAPH® CM+/CM do?


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Automatic parameter optimization brings full test performance to bear

The automatic parameter optimization uses an algorithm to optimize the test parameters, high and low pass filters and frequency to defined adjustment errors or natural material defects. Using the correct test frequency is crucial. It controls the penetration depth of the eddy current in order to identify the material defects being tested. High-pass and low-pass filters provide a higher quality signal by minimizing the influence of vibration, electronic noise or run out.

With the parameters provided by the software, even previously difficult applications can be solved at the touch of a button. By determining the test settings, errors are detected and the risk of pseudo rejects is minimized. The scope of training is reduced and instructing additional employees on the STATOGRAPH® CM+/CM is made much easier.

This brings the full power of the STATOGRAPH® CM+/CM to bear: intuitive operation and customizable display of the signals, evaluation of the surface structure through higher frequencies and sensitivity or precise suppression of interference signals with the help of improved filters.

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